In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Merciful

About This Site

This site was originally set up many years ago, with a specific goal in mind.  It was a reaction to the lack of Qur’an translation websites with a reader friendly design.  The choice for curious souls seeking to understand the subject matter of the Qur’an online, was between extremes of overly detailed backgrounds with camouflaged text or bare white pages with plain black text, without due consideration for the readability of the pages.

It may not seem apparent, but there is a science behind good design.  Consider, for example, the spacing of words and the width of sentences.. if the text stretches too far across a page, as you come to the end of a line it becomes difficult to intuitively follow the next new line of words.  Correct use of colour and themes ensures prolonged comfort during reading, otherwise stark contrasts can strain the eyes.

Therefore, it has been our objective to provide the highest degree of customization that is reasonably possible.  Early developments have focused on theme switching functionality, so that you can select a pre-made ‘Skin’, and if necessary, to tweak it further by setting a custom text size, colour and font.  The variety of designs available at this stage has been limited to a minimalist white theme, as we refine and improve the core features.

New Homepage Design, Publishing System and Regular Updates

Up til now, all general content updates and changes have been manually implemented by editing the html source in notepad.  This made it time consuming and a hindrance to add new content.  However, with the new green ‘deep forest’ homepage design, is a new publishing system that helps automate updates and management of content pages.

Some items from the older site will be missing but most will be added again eventually as we make the changes live gradually.  If you have any feedback or suggestions, please leave a comment.

There are many Qur’an related websites online, some are specialized for scholarly study and interpretation, others for listening to Qur’an recitation, and those for the purpose of simply reading a Qur’an translation online like this one.

Quran Viewer

Read the Quran online in English, Arabic and other world languages, on decorated backgrounds and themes.

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Included is the ability to customize the text size, colour and even font!

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